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NEMO Committee announces launch of new website

The new website provides information on progress made by the NEMOs to build more efficient electricity markets

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Today, the Committee of Nominated Electricity Market Operators (the NEMO Committee) announced the launch of a joint website aiming to present relevant information for all stakeholders, as well as provide updates on the work of the NEMO Committee.

“The NEMO Committee is bringing together NEMOs with a common mission to deliver market coupling, which is the cornerstone of the Internal Electricity Market. The new website is aiming to improve transparency to the market on the progress that the NEMOs achieve to build more efficient electricity markets,” said Cosimo Campidoglio, chair of the NEMO Committee.

Pursuant to European regulation, all NEMOs jointly perform the function to match orders from the day-ahead and intraday markets for different bidding zones and simultaneously allocate the available cross-zonal capacities.

The NEMO Committee represents the governing body of the cooperation between the NEMOs for the timely and efficient management of their joint responsibilities under EU Regulation 2015/1222 (establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management/CACM).
Please visit the website through this link: www.nemo-committee.eu

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