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  • 11.01.2018
    A strong year for the UK market

    •    Flexibility products launched in 2017 •    Business diversification through international partnership •    Harmonization of trading across markets A total volume of 535 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT’s markets in 2017. The European Power Exchange has launched products that cater to the market participant’s growing needs to fine-tune their portfolios and to trade closer to real time. Operational measures to facilitate trading across EPEX SPOT markets were successful…[mehr]

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  • 08.01.2018
    European Cross-Border Intraday (XBID) Solution and 10 Local Implementation Projects to go-live in March 2018.

    Nominated Electricity Market Operators (NEMOs) and Transmission System Operators have announced the 13th March 2018 as the target date for the launch of XBID and the go-Live of 10 Local Implementation Projects, with first deliveries on 14th March. All indicated dates remain subject to successful completion of testing. The project partners consisting of the European NEMOs EPEX SPOT, GME, Nord Pool and OMIE and the North Western and South Western European and Baltic Transmission Syste…[mehr]

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  • 03.01.2018
    Volumes grow by 8.2%

    In December 2017, a total volume of 47.0 TWh was traded on EPEX SPOT’s Day-Ahead and Intraday power markets (December 2016: 43.5 TWh). Day-Ahead markets In December 2017, power trading on the Day-Ahead markets on EPEX SPOT accounted for 40,553,639 MWh (December 2016: 37,876,519 MWh). The UK half-hour auction reached a monthly record in December 2017, with 378,724 MWh traded. Prices in Central Western Europe, connected within the Multiregional Coupling, converged 6% of the time …[mehr]

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